Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weekend at BDC

This past weekend was incredible! We celebrated our grand opening in North Adams at the Coty Center and we had a lot of people come down! It was great being at the Coty Center with their staff and kids that come in for their after school program and seeing what goes on there. They have such good programs for the kids.

Then on Saturday, we had our Pittsfield Adopt A Block which rocked! Our volunteers are amazing!! We stormed 8 streets and a lot of new connections were made. My dear friend that I went to college with came up to visit me and be part of the Center on Saturday. She did such an awesome job with the kids that come by to see us so I had to share this picture with you...
We are now looking for someone who would like to spend time with the kids on Saturdays when we do Adopt A Block since the weather is nice and there is a lot to do outside with them! If you would like to, you can email us and come to our next orientation on Saturday May 5th from 1-3pm at our Pittsfield location.

After going out on Adopt A Block we had orientation and training for both Pittsfield and North Adams locations. We now have 4 new volunteers! We are always looking for more. The more people the more streets we can adopt and the more people we can reach with the love of God! So if you missed this past one, the next orientation is Saturday May 5th from 1-3 at the Pittsfield BDC.

That brings us then to Sunday. Church was absolutely incredible on Sunday with 2 people deciding to live their life with Christ and others renewing their commitment to the Lord!! God is really working in people's lives.

You do not want to miss what is happening here in Berkshire County! It is such a blessing to see people come together for a common purpose of helping their neighbors.

All of us are gifted with different talents and abilities. If you have a passion or talent that you love doing, come see how that can be used here at the Berkshire Dream Center!!!
I guarantee we can find a place for you!

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