Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Past weekend

Sorry it has been a few days since we have updated you with what's been going on at BDC. This past week and weekend was off the hook! I would hate to not fill you in because God did so much!

On Thursday, we had a table at Morningside Pride Night and it was great to connect with others in the community who are offering their services and providing assistance to those who need it. There is a great team of people who are available for any need that arises. If you would like some more information feel free to stop by at our Center during our hours and we can hook you up! Then Friday, we were representing in North Adams with the COTY Center. New people came into the Dream Center and are excited to get involved to love and serve others alongside of us!
Then Saturday, we flooded the streets in North Adams with our Adopt A Block program. There were 3 "God moments" that happened! God lined up everything where we ran into 3 people at different times just when they needed it the most. One person that comes into the Center in Pittsfield "happened" to be walking on one of the streets we were doing visits on and one of our team members looked outside of the door of the house they were visiting just at the time that she was walking by to see her. The women the night before, just got done telling her boyfriend that she was thinking about committing suicide because she felt she couldn't handle things anymore. Our team got to share and pray with her, just at the time that she needed it because she was still thinking about killing herself that day!!! I was reminded by Jesus, how important it is to get out into the streets and meet people where they are. He hit me with this thought that I would like to share with you.
  "What are you doing to reach the people who will not be in church on Sunday?" 

We are still looking for people who want to join our Adopt A Block team in both locations so that we can cover more streets and reach more people!!! 

Later on that evening, we had our first "2nd Saturday Family Movie Night" outside on Cherry Street showing "Narnia" on the side of our building from a movie projector. It was a great turnout!! Next month we will be showing, "Soul Surfer" on July 14th at 8:30. Come at 8:00 for drinks and popcorn and to get the best seat! 

That brings us to Sunday. Sunday we continued our June Summer Series, "Shark Weak". Pastor Katelynn brought us deep into the Word of God to talk about the different trials and attacks that we face in life and how we can survive them. How "shark attacks" come and it is our decision if we will allow them to cripple us for life and allow them to define us, or if we are refined by them. We looked at the Biblical truths of how not only we can survive an attack but how we can thrive after one! If you would like to hear this message, we will be uploading to Podcast this week. 

Stay connected to what is happening in North Adams and Pittsfield! It is exciting to be a part of all that God is doing. If you would like to join our team, our next orientation and training is Saturday July 21st from 1-3 at the Center in Pittsfield. 

God bless you today and may you experience His love in a real way. 

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