Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Halfway through the trip already?!?!

We cannot believe that we are already halfway through the trip. Time goes by so fast when you are serving and loving others. Today was another great day! Some members of our team had the chance to tutor students who are now out of school because of Ash Wednesday. The whole island of Jamaica celebrates Ash Wednesday with all the schools being closed, banks are closed and people are off from work. So the kids here at the children's home are off from school for the rest of the week. Which is good news for us because we get more time with them :) The rest of the team painted dorm rooms where interns and teams stay. We were able to do two coats in 4 rooms! Not too bad.. For dinner we had a traditional Jamaican meal which was incredible! It was jerk chicken, rice, greens and festival bread. AMAZING!!! We are bringing home some recipes. :) Service tonight was great with the kids. Our team had the honor to be able to share for the whole service. Jesse and Valerie lead worship, Louie did a special song and Pastor Katelynn shared from the Word of God. She shared with the kids about "Exercising Their Faith." How to have faith in God, how to hear His voice, and to know that He can use anybody who is willing and they are never to young to hear from God. At the end of the message kids came forward to receive prayer if they wanted it and a lot responded. God has such a special plan for each and every child here. It was great to see God working in their lives. Since the kids are off of school for the rest of the week, we have the privilege of taking 30 of them to an outing for the day tomorrow! Can't wait to spend time with them all day- just loving them the way Jesus does. Thank you for all of your prayers and support. Talk soon - Blessings, The Jamaica Team

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