Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Safely in Jamaica

Our team has safely made it here to Jamaica! Sorry we haven't had a chance to post anything until now. We have been so excited to be here and busy with different projects! Everything is going great and everyone on our team is doing fine.. Being up here in the blue mountains at the City of Refuge is just amazing. Gods presence is so evident. To be able to get away from our daily lives and to help someone else out of your own country is such a blessing. To see how others live and to broaden your perspective of what life is and to see that America isn't just the end all and be all of existence. Yes, it is the great county and we are honored and thankful for our freedom but the world is so much bigger then what we experience everyday. So far the members of our team has been able to help in the school, clean the classrooms, cut medal to make frames for the windows, tutor children after school and organize the library and computer room for the children. Steve, Kim, Steve and Samantha Puffpaff have been such a huge blessing to us all! They are such amazing people of faith and they are taking good care of us. The weather has been beautiful and sunny everyday in the 80's. We are encouraging the cooks here at the children's home to make a City of Refuge Cookbook because the food it THAT good!!! We are bringing home some of the blue mountain coffee they are selling which is like nothing you have ever tasted if you are interested in buying some to support the children here at the home. All the proceeds go to the children and we have seen that firsthand. Also, some of the children needs sponsors to provide for their needs at the home if you are interested in that as well. We will be bringing more information home with us about that. Tomorrow our team will have the opportunity to be involved with the church service. Jesse will be leading worship with Valerie and Louie and Pastor Katelynn will be sharing from the Word and heart of God. Keep us in your prayers! So excited for what God has in store for us for our work day tomorrow! Keep us in your prayers and we will keep in touch- Many blessings, The Jamaica Team

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  1. Go Dream Team in Jamaica! May excitement bless all!